Why Flingbusters

Flingbusters  are licensed and experienced and expert in the field. Using an investigator is the most effective way of gathering evidence and building a case on your cheating partner. Video evidence is the most effect way of confronting the cheating partner. With the latest innovations in technology body cameras and video cameras agents can now obtained clear HD images and footage of the targets under surveillance. They can’t deny their activities when it’s played back in front of them on DVD . You can effectively start to rebuild the relationship knowing the truth is now in front of you.

Gone are all the times you tried to approach the partner and received denials. If the cheating partner is approached by you or family and friends they will deny it and become wary and keep all their further activities well hidden. If all the facts aren’t 100% the cheater can mount a case against yourself and accuse you of destroying the trust in the relationship. It is stated that 99% of cheaters who are approached deny it and put the shame back on the victim, making the relationship even worse for the victim emotionally. Victims who try to do their own observations often get caught and destroy any further opportunities of professional surveillance being conducted, as well as any legal ramifications that could follow.

Flingbusters can through surveillance also discover and confirm the innocent partner, many suspected partners have been found to be innocent of any cheating and it has saved the client all the emotional worry of the activities of the partner.

Investing time, worry and money into a relationship that is not built on faithfulness with both partners can be costly when it comes to your life’s journey. Is there an area in your partners life which you have concerns about that are arousing suspicion and doubts. It is important to confirm the truth and move on with your life than to stay in the relationship under its current circumstances.

If you suspect your partner is cheating , spending too long away from home or has change work commitments including short notice travel plans , unexpected conferences it  is time to call Flingbusters Investigators Melbourne to confirm the truth.