Infidelity In The Courts

In ancient Rome the penalty for infidelity was death by stoning, however in Australia in these current times there is no punishment by stoning or even by the law, many vengeful victims wish otherwise. If someone is found to be guilty of infidelity it is often kept amongst family and friends. Husbands and wives conducting infidelity do not have any legal obligations to disclose their affairs to the court or to their partner, it is left to the partner’s morality. However Flingbusters have found that many infidelity cases are appearing in the courts today and are costing the married couples considerable fortunes. With the cheating partner forming a new relationship over two years the Laws are stating it could be a de facto relationship, therefore giving rights to the other party for financial gain.

Courts in Australia normally seek to divide assets equally and if children are involved the partner that has the children normally receives more. The majority of men who commit infidelity normally end up financially worst off if it ends in divorce.  The women on the other hand often end up in emotional, financial hardships in inferior housing. No one wins from infidelity, in many cases if you prevent it at the first signs you have the best opportunity of potentially saving your marriage or relationship and starting a fresh.

By contacting Flingbusters now a private investigator can gain the evidence on tape and to bring to an end the denials from the cheating partner. We can liaise with you solicitor and meet all that is required when it comes to the investigation that has been conducted.

If you suspect your partner is cheating , spending too long away from home or has change work commitments including short notice travel plans, unexpected conferences it  is time to call Flingbusters to confirm the truth.