Frequently Asked Questions About Private Detective

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we have to pay a retainer at the start of the investigation?

To insure the agent expenses and hours worked are covered. Some clients have no intentions of paying the fees and the agent has no history of the customer’s credit record. In most cases if they can’t pay a retainer which is minimal compared to the final costs then they probably have not got the funds for the service in the first place.

2. Can an Investigator speed and have a higher authority on the roads whilst conducting surveillance ? 

No, all the road laws are followed as the same with any other driver’s. We have no authority to conduct any actions outside the laws on the roads whilst conducting surveillance.

3. Will the Subject know they are being followed?

Our investigator is very experienced in surveillance and has created several tactics in pursuits on vehicles. He makes every possible effort to maintain a reasonable distance out of the Subject’s view and mirrors to avoid arousing suspicion but close enough to maintain contact around bends, corners and at the lights. In doing this unfortunately sometimes the contact can be broken. The agent has the latest up to date GPS devices within the vehicle and in most cases can regain contact in the general direction that the vehicle has taken.

4. Can you use spy equipment like listening devices phone tapping and GPS Trackers on the Subject?

Absolutely not, in the state of Victoria it is illegal to use such devices without the person knowing. Many agents in the past have used these devices and have had to face the consequences by law when the subject is confronted with the evidence.

5. Can I pay you to gather information like addresses and owners of vehicle registrations?

No, that would be against the law and any information gather from unlawful means should be reported to the authorities. All investigations conducted by the Flingbusters are gathered in a strictly lawful manner.

6. What hours do we work?

We conduct all our investigations 24 hrs 7 days a week  as well as answering the phone for that important quotation