Flingbusters investigate: Infidelity In The Work Place

infidelity investigator in MelbourneThe workplace is accountable for the majority of affairs that Flingbusters investigate.  It is stated these days that 20% of relationships are started with partners who are already in long term relationships with others. This is an alarming statistic and is always increasing possibly due to the rise in females in the work force.

Women are more often now seen  in the work force and therefore in the activities base around the work force including meetings, conferences ,lunch breaks, smoke breaks, after work drink nights, and other occasions where networking can occur. This is easy ground for the cheating to arise. With most offices now in the cities having change rooms and showers these days it has become easier to hide the signs of cheating. It’s easy to have an excuse to change the clothes from the lipstick, scents, etc of the other partner. There are also plenty of hotel rooms in the cities to slip into for a quick lunch break and I don’t mean sushi.  Work colleges these days spend endless hours in confined spaces networking and bonding together for work duties which then in turn become affairs.

Infidelity in the office can sometimes be difficult to confirm due to office environment being private and often needing a swipe card to enter. Fellow employees also keep the affairs a secret to avoid conflict and often dismissal taking place. The only way to confirm with video evidence is when it moves out of the confines of the office and into the public spaces.

Many of the cases that  Flingbusters  have completed,  have found the cheater being at the work place last with the suspecting partner, and leaving soon after separately. Once it is established the cheating partner is conducting infidelity it isn’t long before they meet in public for the investigator to gather the video evidence.

If you suspect your partner is cheating , spending too long at work, changed work commitments including short notice travel plans , unexpected conferences it  is time to call Flingbusters private investigators Melbourne to confirm the truth on 0403017277