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Before the investigation starts:

One of the first issues to be addressed is the communication between Flingbusters  and the Client is to be kept totally confidential.

First and foremost, the Client should create an email account and choose a safe password that only he or she knows. There were cases when the Client has shared the password with the Target, and then the Target managed to access the partner’s database. Even if this is not recommended by us, people can use a close friend or a relative in which they trust as a means to protect their privacy and to improve the communication process with the agency. By doing so, people can have regular conversations more easily, even if the Target is around, because the latter won’t have any suspicions whatsoever.

Once the investigation process starts, the client needs to provide the Flingbuster’s with the most important and relevant information regarding the Target’s plans and habits. For example, the Target has some places he usually visits, such as gyms, restaurants, hotels etc. The agent can locate all these places on his GPS and can stay on top of the situation, even if the Target might be unpredictable. The agent needs to know as much as possible about these locations in order to avoid being detected by the Target.

Sometimes, the Target might become aware of the agent’s presence or vehicle, and therefore becomes suspicious. In order to avoid that, the agent will continue with caution, without arousing any suspicions. The truth is that when the Target becomes aware of the agent presence it is extremely difficult for an agent to remain covert. However, Flingbuster’s private investigator Melbourne has a huge experience in this area and can easily avoid compromise by acting out a role and then maintain a distance or terminate observations.

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