Cases Investigated By our Professional & Licensed Investigators

Case 1 : Gym man

This male from Melbourne thought he had it all work out until Flingbusters private investigators in Melbourne moved in on the concerns from his wife. He told his wife he was doing an extreme body building workout at a special gym which took 2 hours in the morning and two hours at lunch and then two hours in the afternoon. After several weeks of this the wife acted on her suspicions and called Flingbusters to investigate. The male would leave home, get to the next suburb and change clothes in the secluded park. Shortly later he would meet up with his new partner and spend the whole day with her then return home late with his gym clothes on.

Case 2 : Office closed.

This female from Victoria thought she was on a good thing with a wealthy husband and a boyfriend on the side. The wife would go to her work in an tradesman’s office, when there was nobody else around she would invite the boyfriend over, lock the office and say she was out for lunch with the old “Back in half an hour”  sign on the front door. Being a small country town the infidelity was kept in private so nobody in town could discover. The couple had been keeping there secret for months and only had a few trips away from the town together which were well planned.  Flingbusters positioned out the front of the office captured video and documented all the activities from the pair.

Case 3 : Home alone

This female thought she would have the best of both worlds at home, spending most of her days in cafes and restaurants all day with friends. When she returned home she would have the boyfriend stay overnight. This sounds alright however the husband had been away overseas for months and they were still married. The boyfriend would leave early before the children woke the next morning. The new arrangements would have carried on for months undiscovered if it wasn’t for the client’s suspicion and calling in the Flingbusters Investigators who gathered all the evidence of her activities.