Integrity at Flingbusters investigate

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The word integrity means telling the truth with the uttermost honesty without any compromise to anyone.Do you need the highest degree of ethical standards in the investigation industry?  If your case deserves total integrity truthfulness and honor here at Flingbusters you will always find it. It appears on most reputable websites these days. The remarks I’ve heard from clients these days prove there are several diverse meanings amongst the investigators in the field.


Every investigator has his different level of integrity, at Flingbusters Private detective agency Melbourne  I can guarantee you that you will receive the highest degree of ethical standards in the investigation industry. There is a fine line between stretching jobs out or seeking to gain quality evidence fast. Here at Flingbusters  I can guarantee you total integrity and yes even when no one is watching.  I have spent years achieving it and I will not compromise it for any person or case.

Some of the most common dishonest issues in the industry that confront Clients these days are:


Where the actual investigator has not arrived on time or has left early and charged you for it or in some cases has never turned up.

Here at Flingbusters we obtain footage on arrival and on departure at the locations.


Many Clients have discovered that kilometers on their cases have been extended over and above the correct amounts. 

Here at Flingbusters we use the most accurate of GPS equipment to measure distance and back by internet map searches.


Changing the particulars on the case to give false hope to the client’s that the case should continue.

Here at Flingbusters we believe once the objectives have been achieved the Client should know immediately and have the choice to continue.


In the past 5 years the new Inquiry agent licenses issued have soared, bringing agents into the industry without experience or appropriate on the job training. These agents’s often except any work and lower the rates to make a part time living working for some of the larger investigation companies.

Here at Flingbusters I the owner do all the work with 24 years experience,  I can’t be seen in the media,  have no  time free for Radio and I gain all my work through word of mouth and internet advertising. Call now for a quick response 0403017277